1. n наихудшее, самое плохое

to suppose the worst — предполагать самое худшее

you must be prepared for the worst — вы должны быть готовы к самому худшему

the worst of it is that … — хуже всего то, что …

if the worst comes to the worst — в самом худшем случае, если произойдёт самое худшее

at worst — в худшем случае

to fear the worst — ожидать наихудшего

2. a наихудший, самый плохой

the worst weather in years — такой плохой погоды не было уже много лет

the worst of all evils — наихудшее из зол

his worst mistake — его самая большая ошибка

his worst enemy — его злейший враг

the worst kind of — отъявленный

3. adv от I
4. adv хуже всего

Tom played worst — Том играл хуже всех

5. adv наиболее; сильнее всего

that frightened me worst of all — это больше всего меня испугало

6. adv наименее, меньше всего

the worst educated — наименее образованный

7. v победить, разбить; нанести поражение

to be worsted — потерпеть поражение

Синонимический ряд:
1. evilest (adj.) evilest; most inauspicious; most unfavourable
2. most amiss (adj.) most amiss; most deficient; most dissatisfactory; most unsatisfactory; most up
3. most decayed (adj.) most decayed; most decomposed; most putrid; most rotten; most spoiled; rottenest
4. most disagreeable (adj.) most disagreeable; most displeasing; most offensive; most unpleasant; sourest; unhappiest; unpleasantest
5. most downcast (adj.) bluest; droopiest; dullest; most chapfallen; most crestfallen; most dejected; most depressed; most disconsolate; most dispirited; most doleful; most down; most downcast; most downhearted; most down-in-the-mouth; most downthrown; most heartsick; most heartsore; most hipped; most low-spirited; most mopey; most soul-sick; most spiritless; most sunk; most woebegone; sickest
6. most harmful (adj.) most damaging; most deleterious; most detrimental; most harmful; most hurtful; most injurious; most nocent; most nocuous; most prejudicial; most prejudicious; most unfavorable
7. most hostile (adj.) most hostile; most inimicable; most inimical; unfriendliest
8. most null (adj.) most invalid; most null; most void
9. naughtiest (adj.) most ill-behaved; most misbehaving; most mischievous; most paw; naughtiest
10. poorest (adj.) least effective; least proficient; lowest; most awful; most bad; most evil; most terrible; poorest
11. rudest (adj.) most discourteous; most disgracious; most disrespectful; most ill-bred; most ill-mannered; most impertinent; most impolite; most incivil; most incondite; most inurbane; most mannerless; most uncalled-for; most uncivil; most uncourteous; most uncouth; most ungracious; most unhandsome; most unmannered; most unmannerly; most unpolished; rudest
12. toughest (adj.) roughest; toughest
13. worst (adj.) evilest or evillest; most immoral; most iniquitous; most nefarious; most reprobate; most sinful; most vicious; most wicked; most wrong; wickedest; worst
14. calamity (noun) calamity; cataclysm; catastrophe; destruction; disaster; misfortune; terrible ruin; worst-case scenario
15. best (verb) beat; best; conquer; defeat; down; get the better of; lick; master; outdo; overcome; prevail; rout; subdue; surmount; thrash; triumph; trounce; upset; vanquish; whip
16. most inauspiciously (other) most adversely; most badly; most inauspiciously; most negatively; most unfavourably; most unfortunately; most unluckily; worst

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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